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gorra sencillobikes


Il nostro cappelino, realizzato in Italia, ricorda il ciclismo d'altri tempi.

Con un design classico, il cappelino che tutti i team professionali utilizzano nei podi e momenti di relax del ciclismo. Inoltre un accessorio che sotto il casco soddisfa la sua funzione di protezione del vento e del sole o spruzzi d'acqua nei giorni piovosi. Diversi modelli con diverse forme di costruzione del cappelino, e con numerose possibilità di personalizzazione.

gorra cappellino sencillobikes personalizada

Mod .otto e otto +

Realizzato con una costruzione di 3 pezzi, uno dei quali nell'area centrale, in due possibili larghezze.

gorra ciclista personalizada

Mod sette

Questo modello è realizzato con una costruzione a 4 pezzi e consente grandi possibilità di progettazione.

gorra ciclista cintas banderas vintage

Extra da completare.

Nastri da collocare in qualsiasi modello, dal nastro arcobaleno, dal campione del mondo del ciclismo alle bandiere di diversi paesi e molti altri disegni in larghezze diverse, per completare il design.

saddle mudguard


It's the professionals muguard! It´s placed without tools.

.Our mudguard is the one you can see on TV, installed in the saddles of professional cyclists.

It don´t need tools for its installation in the saddle. We take advantage that the width and the separation of the bars in the saddles is standart, to be instaled to 98% of the saddles of the market.

Protect the cyclist from splashing the rear wheel and keep the "ass" dry. #dryass #wecoveryourback

An accessory that is perceived as useful both for the use of team members, members of a cycling club or as an accessory given

in an event as a souvenir.

In addition to its usefulness, it generates an eye-catching, striking image and its usefulness comes off at times when the road is wet.

Any club or any event wants to have theirs with their own design.

Any better gift for the customers of a store? Promote your image as an element of high utility

Caja Rural team mudguard

Exclusive and unique design

With one or several inks, combined with the color of the material of the piece, we make a personalized design, each edition being unique and exclusive.

We conducted a previous design exercise, from which the customer can see exactly what the final result before final production.

We use flat screen printing techniques, which gives the graphics in the personalization a certainty that the inks will not come off with the use, with the splashes of water and mud constant.

We ensure a long durability.

We ensure that the visibility of graphics, messages, logos and brands have maximum visibility.

The possibilities of personalization are multiple.

Luca Paolini custom mudguard


We can use fluorine inks that increase the impact of color vision.

We offer luminescent inks, they are charged with light and they are seen in the dark, what used with the design, gives us spectacular results.

It allows, for example, that when entering a dark area and you see an automatic flash.

Gold and silver inks for much more elegant designs.

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