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Jacopo Guerini Fanclub, une petite contribution est d’une grande aide aux enfants du Nicaragua.

All the benefits of this edition, Jacopo, will send them to the association. Time4Life for the project for Nicaragua.

We talk about the rural areas of Chinandega, the third most populous city on the border with Honduras.

Jacopo Guerini Fans club seeks to raise money for Time4Life International, an association whose project in the area is based on helping children, including actions to facilitate a means of transport, the bicycle, so they can go to school and receive and an education that now is a lack. A future for them should be possible.

Sencillobikes has made an exclusive piece for Jacopo Fanclub. Part of the edition was put on sale at the event last 24 in San Pietro di Cerro. Another part is available for sale on the website of www.sencillobikes.com.

All the benefits of this edition, Jacopo, will send them to the association. Time4Life for the project for Nicaragua.

Who knows Jacopo knows is a big guy, and knows that bigger is his heart.


The SencilloBikes mudguards protects you from splatters rear wheel of the bicycle and is installed without tools thanks to a simple anchoring system “sencillo”, system that is fixed in the majority of the saddles, since the width of the rails of these uses a measures standard. For measures not standart as Monolink system, it is also possible to install it without problem. Joaquím “Purito” is an example of a cyclist who always uses monolink and our mudguards.

The mudguard is also designed so that when not in use, can be folded and carried comfortably in your pocket.

With a weight barely over 12 grams, it remains robustly in the saddle thanks to the design of its shapes and the application of several grooves for it.

The safety of its use is total because it is deformable, in case of accident does not cause any damage to the cyclist.

SencilloBikes we use materials for the manufacture that possess certain characteristics that allow their recycling, to avoid unwanted contaminations of the planet.

The SencilloBikes fenders are currently used by many teams and many professional road cyclists in their training days and their races like Katusha, Cofidis ,   CajaRuralRGA  Bardiani, Androni.

They are using for more than four years in their training days and in important competitions such as the Vuelta to Spain, Giro d’Italia or Tour de France, in the spring classic races, in Milan San Remo, AmstelGold Race, Tour of Flanders etc

You could also see its use in many other competitions of high prestige such as Vuelta a Pais Vasco, Vuelta a Suiza, Tour de California, Volta a Cataluña among many others.

Its use in competition is endorsed by the UCI, in terms of technical and safety requirements. In this matter the team Katusha, with the direct help of Ekimov, this helped us a lot to get it more than five years ago. Thanks Eki.

Not only do professional cyclists use our mudguards, we are very happy to collaborate with great teams of young people like BaquéBH, Euskadi Basque CountryMURIAS as well as with many other clubs and teams from Spain, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Czech Rep. , Portugual and even in Japan, in numerous categories

At SencilloBikes, we cover your backs

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