Shoe dryer sd3uv


For a safety drying, for the greatest care of the fabrics (membranes, skins) and materials (carbon) of your cycling shoes.

A slow, homogenous, controlled drying avoids damaging your cycling shoes.

The less time you are wet or damp shoes, shoes will last longer, and also avoid the risk of proliferation of fungi or bacteria.

You have wet cycling shoes and tomorrow you have a competition, or a bike route with friends, here is the solution.

No more newspaper papers inside the shoe



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 – Get a slow and continuous drying to care for your shoes.

– Take care of your shoes materials for longer life.

– Antifungal and antibacterial effect, preventive system.

Dryer Shoe  model SD3 UV offers a practical way for easy insertion into footwear. It is equipped with strategic ventilation holes in the bottom and the top of its casing. These holes are part of a ventilation system that facilitates air circulation, which together with the heating of the air inside footwear, accelerates the drying process. The heating elements within the apparatus are connected in series through a miniature thermostat controlling the temperature, making the temperature of use does not exceed 55 ° C, maintaining a dry soft caring and unaffected tissues, membranes, or resected or crack the skins. The use of the dryer provides a positive effect in the care of his sports shoes. This dryer is ideal for everyday use.

The SD3UV and SD6UV models provide a system for preventive UV action, anti bacterial and anti-fungal through a photochemical process. Microorganisms that contaminate the environment inside the footwear are almost carbon-based compound or an organic base formed on entirety. These compounds are disintegrated when exposed to short wave ultraviolet light capable of destroying the DNA of living organisms. The effectiveness of these is directly related to the intensity and exposure time.

Used for several seasons by professional cyclists as Joaquím Pruito, Ilnur Zakarin, Alexandre Kristoff (TeamKatusha)  Alberto Contador (Tinkoff) Omar Fraile (DimesionData) (CajaRuralTeam)  Jose Hermida (MeridaTeam)

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